Our services in the field of architecture include design of a wide spectrum of spaces from villas to commercial and multi-functional complexes based oin Admun Studio’s design philosophy to reach new horizons in architectural design which starts from the primary study phase which is later expressed in the plans, sections and 3d models through a scientific and artistic approach, in the end to make sure that the project is constructed in the best way possible architectural construction drawings are prepared by our professional and experienced team members.

As an architectural firm, our approach in interior architecture projects is designing a valuable architecture in the heart of another architecture in a way that it responds to all the assumptions taken from Admun’s design philosophy. We have applied this process to different interior projects from designing small offices and stores and restaurants of medium scale to huge cinemas in order to reach the necessary abilities to create a harmonious composition inside and outside of an architecture.

Accurate, disciplined and precise construction of a design is the most effective stage in the success of the design process, therefore, relying on the experience of our professional team members, we have stepped into the construction field to implement architectural design and drawings prepared under extreme accuracy to fill the gap in construction by our special sensitivity and accuracy in construction details and by supervision and preparation of as built and shop drawings in order to fulfill the design process by an accurate and perfect construction to reach the desired result.

Like our surrounding environment, the buildings’ volumes are formed from three spatial dimensions in addition to time. What makes a building valuable like an artistic piece is its three spatial dimensions through time. Unfortunately time is passing and the volume of a building is affected by several changes. Today, the only way to stop time is the art of photography, therefore, through efforts of our professional team and by using up-to-date technologies, we record the time of our projects and by publishing them worldwide through synergy of art of architecture, beside all the other architects, we promote quality of human life.

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